About Us

Our Story

Located in Port Hawkesbury and serving all of Nova Scotia, Atlantic Sub-Sea was established as a commercial diving company in 1982 by owner / operator Len Hart and has been steadily increasing in experience and capability ever since. In 1986 he moved back to Port Hawkesbury and began to develop Atlantic Sub-Sea.

Between working offshore as a commercial diver / ROV operator the need and desire to spend more time at home in Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia became more apparent. The business developed and eventually required Len's move away from the offshore environment.

As opportunities presented themselves equipment and training have been acquired. Atlantic Atlantic Sub-Sea is now a full service diving company with the skills, equipment and personnel to carry out any task under water from inspection to planned maintenance or emergency repair. This enhanced capacity also allows us to continue to serving our home of Port Hawkesbury, but to offer services all across Nova Scotia.

Atlantic Sub-Sea's core company service is based on commercial diving and ROV inspection class services. However along with that core profile we have been able to branch out and provide vessel services and surface based work such as wharf repairs / maintenance and alike in Port Hawkesbury, and the rest of Nova Scotia.

With this ability to branch out and collect the necessary personnel and resources Atlantic Sub-Sea has quickly become the "one stop shop" for Port Hawkesbury, and Nova Scotia in general, for marine based projects.

  • Nick Rankin (Holland College graduate)
  • Nathan Bohdaine (Holland College graduate)
  • Brandon Hart (Holland college graduate/NSCC graduate)
  • Len Hart (CUTC Toronto, UVTC Houston)